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Our story

We are finally so happy to share our brand "EM'S Design" , which we founded with the philosophy of "Your Living Space Reflects You" and we are hoping to deliver quality and comfort in your living space. 


Knowing that the steps taken for the future require patience, we started this hobby, which will become a passion after a while, for ourselves as entrepreneur women. However, we are here as EM'S Design, with the desire to professionalize this work day by day and bring it to your homes.


As the EM'S Design team, we have found the joy, excitement and happiness that we hope to find in every corner of your living spaces, in the districts and streets of Istanbul. We brought the nobility of Pera, the history of Balat and the calmness of Kandilli to your bedrooms and bathrooms in these special collections, to which we added our love and effort.


In addition, we can design models of different sizes and sizes, which we designed by you, by saying "every person is special", together if you wish. Our creative perspective and our desire to offer you happiness push us to do better every day. Thus, we support our talented women who do everything they can and aim to design products that will suit your homes.

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